As breeders, there are many things we look for in the food that we buy for our family’s poodles. We provide them with a nutritious, wholesome diet, but they also must enjoy the food. We want something that we know is safe for them to eat, convenient to purchase, and is priced right. After much searching, we have found a brand of food that has gone above and beyond in meeting our expectations.
The well-being of our poodles is very important to us and producing healthy puppies is the number one priority in our breeding program. What our poodles eat plays a huge role in their overall well-being, after all, you are what you eat.
Blue Buffalo provides advanced nutrition for your pet. It is wholesome and your poodle will receive every bit of the vitamins, minerals, and protein that they need, and none of the artificial flavors, colors, corn, wheat and unhealthy fillers that they don't need. In addition, we pick up half the waste product
Only the highest quality ingredients are used in Blue Buffalo products and we are extremely impressed by the methods of preparation, packaging, storing and shipping that are used in order to guarantee that your pet's food is not only handled with extreme safety, but delivered to you fresh. Our poodles absolutely love this food, they cannot wait for meal times and not one of them has shown a dislike for the food.
Our puppies are weaned with mash made from Blue Buffalo Puppy Life Protection Formula and graduate onto the whole kibble. When you purchase a puppy from Classy Poodles and Doodles, you are provided with a small bag of Blue Buffalo Puppy Formula to get you started, in this way, your puppy’s diet can transition seamlessly with the move to his or her new home.
As always, we want to thank you for visiting our website and wish you and your pets the best! And remember, “love them like family, feed them like family”.